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    STD Transference Can Be a Personal Injury

    The rising number of people turning up with STDs is alarming. What’s even more alarming than that is the number of people who claim that their partner did not notify them of a disease. Concealing that information and not telling a lovemaking partner could be deemed a personal injury in the court’s eyes.

    Here’s why:

    Failing to Look out for Other People’s Welfare

    One of the requirements for a personal injury to stick is the act of neglect. Neglect can be an adverse action or the failure to take an action, and it results in someone’s harm. Not notifying someone of an STD is an act of negligence because of all the adverse effects it can have on the person. That’s why we see so many people taking celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Jay Tavare to court.

    Adverse Effects of STDs on People’s Lives

    Getting an STD from someone can cause a heap of adverse effects on one’s life. Health problems, difficulty getting into relationships, ridicule, judgment and stigma are just a few. Illnesses such as HIV, herpes and hepatitis are severe because they are for the most part permanent.

    What to Do Legally About an STD

    If you have an STD, and you think the person who gave it to you has it, you can call our Palm Springs sex torts lawyer and schedule a consultation. This person will bring you into the office and discuss your case. You’ll know whether you qualify by the time the meeting ends.

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