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    Know How & When To Appeal A Case In Appellate Court

    What Is An Appeal Under California Law

    The Supreme Court of California has the original jurisdiction in several areas of law. A team of three judge-panels decide all cases in the California Appellate court. However, their decision on whether a case is eligible for appeal is based on some certain criteria. The opinion is published if it involves a new law, presents new evidence, or is a legal issue involving public interest. A legal representative who is experienced with the legal issues surrounding appeal cases could serve your best legal interests.

    Top (4) Appeal Issues

    – Attorney fees/costs 
    – Damages awarded at trial 
    – Select summary rulings 
    – Improper jury selection/instruction 

    When To Seek An Appeal

    Unfortunately, judges make judicial errors that can determine the outcome of a trial. They have allowed inadmissible evidence, improperly instructed jurors, or committed judicial misconduct which leads to an unjust verdict that leads to an appeal to the California Supreme court when all other legal options have been exhausted.

    Consulting With An Experienced Appellate Law Attorney

    Bringing a case before an appeals court is not something you should do alone because you could jeopardize your case. When these legal errors occur, an attorney can help you appeal your case. Legal representatives will know how to file your case and how to avoid strict time regulations on when you can appeal.

    You’re invited to call our experienced Palm Springs appellate law attorneys to help you with your questions with a complete no-risk obligation free consultation today. A competent California legal professional will always fight for your best interests.

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