Recruiting hospital based physicians is a solid alternative

Many small hospitals struggle to find physicians, as there is a shortage nationally, especially among smaller and more rural hospitals. Recruiting new physicians is not easy, and part of the issue is regulation and scrutiny of the process by the government. Our Palm Springs medical general counsel law firm has been trying to negotiate these complicated rules in order to facilitate recruitment. Another aspect is reimbursement of medical expenses from the government, which puts a strain on doctors and makes them harder to recruit.

Setting up Hospital-Based Physicians

A situation that is gaining popularity is the hospital-based physician, which mean he or she practices primarily at that hospital. This is different than the traditional method of a doctor having a private office with privileges at a hospital. It seems like a solution for smaller hospitals, but our Palm Springs medical general counsel law firm advises that this is still tricky. There are many regulations and concerns because of corruption in the past, and that combined with all the other rules makes it a difficult proposition.

Physician Recruitment at Hospitals

Hospital recruitment of physicians then is a priority for hospitals. It seems difficult but it also seems to be the most reasonable alternative to getting physicians when they are not always easy to find. The regulatory environment does allow hospitals and physicians to have more options in how they structure agreements, and that could help all involved. The law firm believes this can be done with careful attention to the agreement and an emphasis on keeping everyone involved in compliance.

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