Palm Springs Homeowner Associations Attorneys Tell You What You Need To Know

Our Palm Springs Homeowner Associations attorneys want you to know your homeowner rights. With homeowners in California learning about established rights that govern the HOA, they understand the guides for associations to help their members. Knowing their legally protected rights of membership would be the first step to questioning if they have questionable treatment by their HOA board.

What to Expect When You Join a Homeowner Association

Any time someone joins a HOA, they should expect fairness and a quality of treatment. This is the law by which the association bases their rights of standards by professional ethics. If a homeowner has an inquiry of the association, they expect to have a response.

Records are required for HOA financial and are required to be up kept in an organized manner and easy to acquire. It is up to the homeowner to become familiar with the rules of HOA. Knowing the regulations and attending the HOA educational seminars, reading publications and journals are a great way to acquire needed information. Having the HOA and its board open for review, you will understand what members should expect.

What Case Laws Affect HOAs?

Homeowners also consider the rulings. There are two important case laws that affect California condominium owners, are the long accepted principle that was first made aware in the Florida Court considering the Hidden Harbour Estates, Inc. and Norman. This is frequently used in cases of the condominium court. The condominium concept promotes both health and peace of mind for the many of the owners because they live in close proximity. The second is that even though the homeowner has expectations of the HOA’s duty, the board maintains the community’s needs come first.

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