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The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion Ethos, Pathos, and Logos In every litigation case there comes a point where an attorney’s ability to persuade on the validity

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Trusts, Estates, Probate – January Update

New Case Alerts Meleski v. Estate of Hotlen Cite as C080023 Filed November 29, 2018 Third District Summary: A decedent’s insurer can be liable for costs

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What You Need to Know About Estate Planning & Special Needs Trusts

The Use of Special Needs Trusts in Estate Planning Most parents want to leave assets to their children when they die. If an individual with a

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Recent Trust Litigation Victory For SBEMP: Co-Trustee Removed For Violations of Fiduciary Duties

Trust Case Summary: As a result of the intervention of SBEMP, a recent court decision ordered a co-trustee in violation of fiduciary duties be removed

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Recent Victory for SBEMP: Court Grants Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

The San Bernardino County Superior Court granted a motion, made on behalf of the City of Needles (Plaintiff) for a temporary restraining order against an

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SBEMP Wins $220K For Banning Man

  The fundamental right of due process is essential to a free society. When Frank J. Burgess was unfairly accused and penalized without warning by

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Lis Pendens; What happens after trial?

  Under California Code of Civil Procedure sections 405.1 et seq. a claimant with a real property claim of probably validity may file and record

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PALM SPRINGS, CA—September 25, 2018— Attorneys Shaun Murphy and Katelyn Empey of Slovak Baron Empey Murphy & Pinkney LLP successfully challenged Imperial County ordinance Measure

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Most Employers Can Require Arbitration Agreements As A Condition Of Employment

In a victory for American employers, the United States Supreme Court has just ruled that class action waivers in arbitration agreements required as a condition

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New California Rules Set For Determining Employee Versus Contractor

Palm Springs, CA – In a decision likely to make it much harder for businesses to classify workers as contractors, the California Supreme Court has

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