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    Municipal and Public Agency Law Services

    From questions regarding the conduct of public meetings to complicated issues involving litigation protection, SBEMP’s Palm Springs Municipal and Public Agency attorneys help with compliance and competitive bidding processes for contracts. Rely upon our years of expertise to supply public entities with high caliber, efficient and dependable representation of the unique legal requirements and interests.

    Advising On Legal Issues In Municipal Law

    SBEMP advises clients in municipalities with regard to a complete assortment of legal problems, including:

    • Contracts
    • Open government
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Personnel and employment
    • Land use and zoning
    • Government tort liability
    • Litigation and appeals
    • Medical marijuana

    Interdisciplinary Practice Team for Public and Private Sectors

    Our practice team is Interdisciplinary, drawing on the experience of lawyers with municipal law experience to provide efficient counsel to our public- and private-sector customers.

    Experience in a Wide Range of Municipal Law

    Our lawyers have the experience you need in representation of public and private agencies with a variety of issues. Our experience includes land use, drafting documents, zoning, and permit issues. From drafting resolutions and local legislation to guiding elected bodies, from election law issues to environmental review event, from taxation assessment to zoning, planning, and land use issues, the company’s civil expertise is second to none.

    Covering a Large Assortment of Issues in Law

    The tradition of civil law encompasses a vast assortment of problems, such as, but not restricted to, the reach of the municipality’s police power, occupation and labor difficulties, real estate, zoning and land use issues, economic growth, imposition of taxation, public contracts and bidding, tax evaluations, environmental regulations, and accessibility to public meetings and general information.

    Municipal law encompasses all the neighborhood laws that are pertinent to a certain municipality, like a county or city, as well regarding the government bureaus within these municipalities, like a zoning review board.

    If a query is presented by a customer about the interpretation and applicability of a local zoning ordinance, our staff engages in a zone change, or works through the administrative procedure. Our municipal lawyers are experienced and can help our customers in this respect, in addition to a wide range of other civil legal issues. 

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