The Basics of Municipal Law Property Requests

If a customer presents a query concerning the pursuit of a zone change, our municipal lawyers are experienced and can help our clientele in this service, in addition to a wide range of other civil legal issues. In San Diego, for any use of property, known as land use, zoning regulations have been given in detail in a governmental policy document known as the San Diego Municipal Code.

Requests by Property Owners

On request by owners of the property, through the City Planning Commission, you can submit an attested request in writing that adheres to their criteria and expectations. The request for a modification in the land’s classification will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis if not less than fifty percent of the region of the property is asked to have a classification change.

SBEMP’s Municipal Lawyers’ Experience with Municipal Law

From simple questions concerning the proper conduct of public meetings to complicated issues involving litigation protection, large scale labor discussions, to compliance with competitive bidding processes for multi-million-dollar contracts, SBEMP’s lawyers’ years of expertise serve public agency customers with efficient and dependable representation of their legal requirements and interests.

Our municipal law attorneys in San Diego offer to assist in your case, whether drafting documents, or presenting in front of the city council or planning commission department relating to zoning issues. We also assist in permits and conditional use requests, as well as other issues involving codes and ordinances in the local area.

Our lawyers are experienced in representing municipalities and private customers in several issues involving land use, zoning and permitting issues. The lawyers at SBEMP provide all-inclusive legal services for municipalities while serving as general counsel, labor counselor, and special counsel for zoning and economic growth.

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