Mediation: The Smart Alternative

Dealing with conflict resolution does not have to be done through litigation. A better option exists, mediation. This method takes into account the input of all those involved in the conflict and makes future conflict less likely. 

Costs Less

Mediation costs far less than litigation. This makes it a favorite method of many in the professional world. Normally the cost is one flat rate paid up front between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand, dictated by the case, the time required, and the mediators themselves.

Bring Your Representative for Negotiation

Every party involved can bring their own experts to the meeting, as often happens with unions who will bring their own representatives. Allowing experts to add their own information and ensure existing agreements are still being followed. 

Encourages Communication for Resolution

The mediator’s main job is to focus on communication as opposed to arbitration. Allowing the parties to both feel that their side is being heard while also giving a better understanding of the position of the other party. That understanding is vital in preventing future conflicts. 

All Sides Come to An Agreement

When mediation is used, it ensures that all participants feel a part of the agreement. The settlement is not binding, but a mediated agreement creates a feeling of accomplishment that encourages everyone to join in. The lack of legal obligation also allows alternative methods to be used to resolve the issue if the settlement is rejected.

Mediation may be the best option for many parties. Those interested in a consultation on mediation should look into contacting our firm for Palm Springs Alternative Dispute Resolution Services.

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