Legal Mediation for Resolving Contentious Court Cases Overview

A mediation lawyer may be the best option in certain court cases that are expected to be contentious. Many people are unaware of this process. This type of legal mediation is generally far less expensive than going to court. Mediation is designed to deal with those cases involving:

  • undue influence
  • interpretation or construction of a will
  • fraud and/or forgery
  • revocation
  • lack of due execution
  • lack of testamentary capacity or intention
  • administration of estates disputes
  • failure to provide adequate financial provisions
  • lack of approval or knowledge

During mediation, all parties are able to state their concerns and grievances while sitting together in the same room. A mediation lawyer guides the process, and many people find that this brings a resolution quicker.

During cases where contention arises, families are often under severe stress or hardship. In contested wills, family members may still be grieving. Utilizing a mediation lawyer helps to decrease relationship rifts and misunderstandings. Court judges look favorably on decisions made in a voluntary mediation. 

The benefits for mediation include:

  • faster resolutions – sometimes days, not months
  • confidentiality – as opposed to court cases which become a public record
  • customized and comprehensive agreements
  • acceptable outcomes for all parties. People are more willing to accept decisions when they have been part of the process. 

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