Get Familiar With Zoning Before You Buy

Know Your Zoning Laws

If you are considering buying some land, you first need to get familiar with the zoning of the property. The federal, state, or even the local governments has a say in how the land is to be used. Property can normally be designated for either commercial or residential. If you are unsure on the zoning for the property, contact your local planning agency or one of our Palm Springs real estate lawyers.

Real Estate For Business

If you are planning to use the land for business, there are other regulations to consider. There may be restrictions related to advertising, parking, or noise. If you plan to farm the land, it may not be designated for agricultural use.

Residential And Mixed Real Estate

If you are planning to put a home on the property, then you will need to make sure that it can be used for residential space. There is even properties that are for sale that can be used for mixed use. Mixed use is considered to be real estate where commercial and residential zoning are allowed to be in close proximity to each other.

Be Smart About Your Purchase

Whatever you plan to use your land for, just be sure that you know everything about it before you commit to buy and be sure to consult with our Palm Springs real estate lawyer beforehand.

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