An Eye Opener on How to Handle Commercial Litigation Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

In today’s world of business, most business organizations are fond of suing other firms and, the same time, are being sued. However, if a firm is not careful, they can find themselves on the wrong side of the arm when a lawsuit becomes serious, and a legal battle erupts. This is because the hearing sessions can take a long duration before a verdict is met. At the same time, both parties entangled in the lawsuit end up spending a lot of money in solving the case. It is for this reason that most parties that find themselves in such a situation opt to engage in an alternative dispute resolution as a better way of solving their differences.

A Glimpse of Various Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Alternative Dispute Resolution is any strategy or method that is undertaken to resolve arguments or disputes outside a courtroom. Interesting to note, in such forums, there are no judges present, jurors, or other members.

At the same time, the rules tend to bend and are fewer as opposed to cases solved in a courtroom. Cases that are solved through ADR tend to be solved at a fast rate. It is for this reason that a business should hire a professional San Diego alternative resolution lawyer to represent them during a hearing.

In most cases, the ADR strategy uses either arbitration or mediation to solve the disputes at hand.


Mediation is the process where parties involved in a lawsuit come into an agreement to resolve their differences amicably by involving an intermediary. A mediator is a person that is neutral to both sides, listen to arguments from both parties and comes up with an unbiased solution. If both parties agree with the verdict, then a contract is signed that is legally binding on the parties involved.


When it comes to arbitration, the parties involved engage lawyers in solving their differences. This is achieved by allowing the attorneys at hand to produce evidence that is factored when making the final decision.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the arbitrators in place might not be attorneys, but they have been bestowed with powers to make a decision. Once the decision is approved by a third party to the case at hand, the decision becomes binding.

If your organization finds itself in such a situation, it is wise to consult the services of the company. Keep in mind that the services rendered will come in quite handy in saving both your time and money. At the end of the hearing, you will be all smiles as a result of a successful and worthwhile investment.

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