What are the Different Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Alternative dispute resolution is the term for methods used to resolve disputes without trial in a traditional law court. Parties may seek ADR services like SBEMP’s Coachella Valley Alternative Dispute Resolution services before going to court or the court may require that they attempt ADR before litigation. 

  1. Arbitration 

    Arbitration involves hearing both sides by a neutral third party called an arbitrator who will come to decision which may or may not bind the parties. 

  2. Early Neutral Evaluation 

    A court appointed evaluator evaluates the case after it has been filed and educates the parties on the strengths and weaknesses of the case. 

  3. Mediation

    During mediation, a third party called a mediator helps parties to resolve their dispute. Mediation is confidential and does not bind parties. They can go to court if mediation fails. 

  4. Mini-trial 

    In a mini- trial, the parties engage attorneys to argue using a truncated version of their case before. a panel of representatives chosen by both parties. Mini-trials take place after the litigation has begun. 

  5. Med-Arb 

    Med-arb is a method of alternative dispute resolution that combines both mediation and arbitration. Mediation is attempted at first and if mediation fails the dispute is referred to arbitration. 

  6. Negotiation 

    Negotiation takes place when parties resolve their dispute through dialog and without a neutral third party. 

  7. Summary Jury Trial 

    Summary jury trials are conducted after being ordered by court. The trial is conducted before a neutral jury who pass a verdict. Courts ask parties to resolve the dispute after hearing the verdict.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys of SBEMP

What are the Different Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

David L. Baron

What are the Different Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Thomas S. Slovak

What are the Different Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

David Smith

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