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Why Choose an Experienced Healthcare Litigation Attorney

As attorneys that help clients with healthcare civil litigation, it important to take note of the wide variety of issues this field encompasses. The many types of disputes that arise between partnerships, from employees and even competitors in the healthcare industry, require an attorney that is well versed and familiar with that field of law. Dealing with litigation within the healthcare field requires a professional who truly understands the specific and unique challenges civil proceedings may present. Continue reading

Recruiting hospital based physicians is a solid alternative

Many small hospitals struggle to find physicians, as there is a shortage nationally, especially among smaller and more rural hospitals. Recruiting new physicians is not easy, and part of the issue is regulation and scrutiny of the process by the government. Our Palm Springs medical general counsel law firm has been trying to negotiate these complicated rules in order to facilitate recruitment. Another aspect is reimbursement of medical expenses from the government, which puts a strain on doctors and makes them harder to recruit.

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