Why Litigate? Why Litigation Can Be The Best Choice

When a dispute arises that cannot be resolved between two parties, they will frequently opt for litigation as a means of settling the dispute.

Why Litigate?

In the normal course of events in a commercial transaction, disagreements occur. Litigation is recommended so both sides can state their case, and the dispute can be resolved. It may be two companies in the litigation, or a company and its client.

Litigation issues are frequently settled without the costs of a long running court case. It can be the best means of minimizing future damage to the business relationship. A case can be litigated in front of a judge and jury, depending on the situation.

For instance, in a case in which the plaintiff sustained an injury, or a medical condition resulting from a product or behavior of a company. Litigating in the presence of a “sympathetic” jury would no doubt be the wise choice.

Deter Future Claims

Litigation can help a company set precedent. If the case is resolved in favor of a company, future similar claims would hopefully be minimized because of the findings in this case. In some cases, if a large company, and a smaller company litigate, the smaller of the companies may not have the financial wherewithal to pursue the case against them. 

Use an Experienced Litigation Attorney

If you find yourself in need of a litigation attorney, you’ll want to contact a top law firm. For more information, please contact our San Diego litigation law firm.

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