What You Need to Know About Qualifying To Do Business In Another State

Many corporations and LLC’s do business in more than one state. They have to qualify with state regulations and laws in order to do that. With help from one of our Palm Springs corporate attorneys, our Palm Springs corporate law firm helps businesses with research and paperwork needed to do business in multiple states.

Tax Issues Are Also Important Besides Qualifying To Do Business In Another State

Dealing with tax issues is important. Potential lawsuits can occur in other states.

Intrastate Business

If a company has a warehouse in another state, they need to qualify it. It will depend on several factors, and it is best to get a lawyer involved.

Interstate Business

If a company sells to residents in other states, they will not have to qualify in another state. This is called interstate business.

How Does A Corporation Qualify To Do Business In Another State?

For qualifying, the corporation will have to register. This will involve paying fees and filling out paperwork. These fees can vary, depending on the state that the organization wants to qualify in. They will also need to decide upon an agent who can sign the paperwork on their behalf in the state that they want to qualify in.

Once Qualified In Another State, A Business Must Follow And Pay That State’s Taxes

The corporation will need to follow the tax rules in the new state they qualify in. That means the income taxes, as well as payroll and sales taxes.

Penalties For Not Qualifying Business In Another State

The penalties can be substantial plus daily fees added for willingly failing to qualify in another state. This amount of money can add up over time.

Lawsuit Difficulties

The company may not be able to bring lawsuits up when they need to. This can have devastating effects on their business.

A Palm Springs corporate attorney can be of great help to a corporation that wants to do business elsewhere. If the procedure isn’t handled correctly, there can be substantial penalties and fines. Having a lawyer help through the process will alleviate those worries.

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