What is Civil Litigation Law?

What is Civil Litigation Law?Civil Litigation

The application of the legal process to noncriminal matters is known as civil litigation. It refers to the filing and application of a civil lawsuit. A non-criminal case may involve civil litigation to arrive at a resolution.

Civil litigation seeks to resolve matters such as family law disputes, court custody matters, child support payment issues, altercations between a person and credit card companies, landlord and tenant disputes, and situations where there has been a breach of contract.  

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Civil Litigation Process

The process of civil litigation resolves a legal matter arising between two or more than two parties (business entities or individuals) who seek monetary compensation for damages sustained or the non-deliverance of specific performances.

‘Litigators’ are attorneys or legal professionals specializing in civil litigation. Legal professionals practicing civil litigation will be a party’s representation in a hearing, trial, or another resolution method such as mediations or arbitrations. These types of hearings are presided over by foreign tribunals, administrative agencies, and federal, state, or local courts.

Types of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes that directly pertain to a number of legal issues. A consequence of this widespread trait of civil litigation usually requires an attorney to specialize in a particular area of practice.

Common types of civil litigation are as follows:

  • disputes and laws encompassing tenants and landlords
  • environmental law
  • products liability
  • intellectual property disputes
  • construction
  • medical malpractice
  • employment and labor matters
  • anti-trust laws
  • real estate
  • worker’s compensation, and education law

Civil Litigation Practitioners

The main role of a civil litigation practitioner (a lawyer) is to assume the legal matter and oppositional position experienced by their hired party. Consequently, the attorney must have detailed knowledge of the legal issue at hand and must comprehend the principles and details of the underlying dispute entirely.

The civil litigator must be adept in the seven different stages of civil litigation. These stages are as follows:

  • The case investigation
  • The observation of pleadings
  • The discovery stage which involves accumulating evidence and witness testimonies
  • Pre-trial
  • The delivery and evaluation of the settlement
  • The appeal process, if required

Despite these various stages, most civil matters do not undergo each stage of the litigation process. Most lawsuits will be resolved before trial. A majority of civil lawsuits are resolved in the discovery stage of civil litigation.

A majority of civil disputes that do reach a trial verdict do not usually go to the appeal stage. A civil lawsuit may span several months to several years depending on the different stages and diverse subject matter involved in the case. Civil litigation cases that are more complex typically take years to go from the investigation stage through trial and finally, the settlement.

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