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Tips Every Organization Can Use To Avoid Wage And Hour Lawsuits

Wage and hour lawsuits can be avoided by following a few simple tips.

1.The first thing is to consult with a Palm Springs corporate attorney. Have the attorney help you conduct a wage and hour audit.

By performing an audit, you can rest assured that your jobs fit under the FLSA and DOL regulations. Once you know what problems are in your organization, you can work on fixing them. 

There are some of the jobs that are going to be harder than others to gauge, but your attorney helps you as much as they can. Using the attorney’s skills is a great way to make sure your wage and hour regulations are classified properly. 

2.You can and should bring your managers into the conversations and get input on help with the process of decision making. 

Managers can help when it comes to job classifications. They can provide information that others often miss. 

3.Train your managers as part of the process. 

It is easy to have miscommunication in the workplace. Terms like salaried and exempt should be used because they are important for clarification. 

A trained manager would then not allow un-authorized overtime or other things outlined in the audit. Training managers helps them ensure employees do not miss lunch breaks and other daily basis things to complete. 

Using these tips and working with one of our Palm Springs corporate attorney can keep you up to date with your compliance. Keep in mind that over seventy percent of businesses are not in compliance with the law. Be sure to use these tips and get a consultation to be in compliance.

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