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Ensuring Transparency at State and Federal Levels of Government

Private and public sectors operate in different legal frameworks. One major difference is that public entities are legally required to operate in an open and transparent environment because they are accountable to the public. 

Transparency in Government Information

Speaking to our Coachella Valley public law attorney can reveal how transparency in operations is a key requirement for democracy. People have the liberty to exercise constitutional rights and have access to any government information they seek.

Several laws have been put in place in all states and at federal level to maintain free access to any government records. In addition, the public has access to observe meetings as well as view public records and any other information they deem necessary.

Addressing Issues of Public Accountability

There have been several legislative and judicial efforts made to address issues of public accountability when private and public operations intertwine. Recently, private contractors and companies hired to carry out government functions have come under fire for not revealing their records. This has necessitated state courts to adopt judicial doctrines that subject such private entities to follow applicable transparency laws.

Additionally, state legislatures are in the process of changing public accountability statutes to ensure transparency prevails when private firms carry out government functions. However, public accountability advocates are concerned that these laws are being overlooked due to language loopholes.

Open Government Practices and Transparency

For democracy to prevail, open government practices and transparency in public operations must be upheld. This allows the public to oversee government activities and be able to fully exercise their constitutional mandate of free access to government information and records.

Our Coachella Valley public law attorney can confirm that to date, the US government at state and federal level has enacted about 26 laws on public transparency.

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