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    The Top 4 Most Asked Questions in the Construction of Palm Springs Real Estate

    Palm Springs, California, is renowned for its balmy, desert-like landscape. It also happens to be a veritable playground for the world’s rich and famous. The area’s dry heat and many recreational spots attract tourists who enjoy getting away from colder climates. As a result, there have also been plenty of notable real estate developments in the area over the years.

    Plenty of enterprising businessmen and celebrities, for instance, have created hotels, parks, riding stables, tennis courts, and swimming pools all over Palm Springs.

    What a Real Estate Attorney Does

    Given the trend for establishing or modifying real estate properties in the desert resort city, there has also been a demand for the services from our Palm Springs real estate attorneys.

    The job of a Palm Springs real estate attorney is to consult with and represent clients in legal issues that involve property holdings located in California’s cities.

    The Most Common Questions in Construction and Real Estate

    Construction law, in particular, is always a hot topic, and some of the common questions that potential clients ask our Palm Springs real estate attorneys are the following:

    1) What sort of construction permits would be needed to embark on a construction project?

    a.    Every municipality has a specific set of permits that it requires before a construction project can take place, but at the very least, a building permit is necessary. Other possible requirements include an environmental clearance, a fire permit, and an occupancy permit.

    b.    The nature of the construction project also has an impact on the permits required. Normally, simple renovations or refurbishments require fewer permits than full-fledged construction projects.

    2) What is a construction defect?

    a.    A construction defect is any damage or error that diminishes the value of the property in a significant way. Construction defects range from design or workmanship flaws to structural failures.

    b.    Though they can be tracked or identified at the beginning of a construction project, construction defects can manifest themselves at any time throughout the lifespan of the property.

    3) How can the existence of a property defect be proven?

    a.    The testimony of an independent expert (someone who is not connected to either the client or the contractor) is necessary to prove that a property has construction defects.

    b.    Independent experts should understand the necessary skills and experience (such as a background in waterproofing works or roofing works) for their testimony to be considered valid in court.

    4) Is a real estate attorney necessary?

    a.    Real estate attorneys are better versed in the intricacies of the law, and hiring one is particularly advisable in cases where the situation with the property is rather complicated.

    b.    Real estate attorneys can also refer clients to the right independent experts and ensure that they are not billed exceedingly for the services rendered.

    Contact Our Palm Springs Real Estate Attorneys for a Consultation

    Contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation for your construction and real estate project.

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