The Responsibilities of a Palm Springs Estate Planning Attorney

A certain type of attorney that most people will have to hire some time in their lives is an estate planning attorney. In a nutshell, this particular type of attorney will help a person in planning and maintaining his properties.

In the event, that person becomes incapacitated or in the event of that person’s death, their property will go to their heirs. To get into the details, here are some of the responsibilities of a Palm Springs estate planning attorney.

Legally Prepare a Property Power of Attorney

If a person dies, or can no longer make decisions on his own, due to a debilitating illness, a power of attorney authorizes another person to take charge. A power of attorney can manage the person’s affairs and properties. It could be a spouse, a child or anyone chosen by the person.

A Palm Springs estate planning attorney prepares a power of attorney. The power of attorney is in accordance to the state’s laws, as requested by his client. Power of attorney makes the management of the client’s property and distribution go to who the client wishes.

Prepare the Client’s Last Will

It depends on how people want their properties and assets managed and distributed later in how we prepare the will. These properties may go to their heirs, or they may decide to give them to charity. We listen to clients and plan according to what they want.

Whatever it may be, a Palm Springs estate planning attorney carries out their wishes. They may also suggest options and ways to complete the process with least complications by abiding with local laws.

Health Care Proxy

An estate planning attorney also prepares a health care proxy. It designates another person to take charge of making health care decisions for the client. This is in the event the client can no longer make sound judgments or becomes incapacitated.

A proxy will hasten the application of necessary health care treatments. It eliminates the delay and costs of applying for guardianship. In the same manner, a Palm Springs estate planning attorney can also prepare a living will. The wishes of the client in relation to the type of treatment they do or don’t want will be taken care of  around their health condition.

Protects Your Property

A good estate planning attorney will see to it that his client’s assets are protected. Attorneys do this in many ways, such as reducing taxes, guarding property against creditors, consolidating remaining assets, and placing them into trusts. Attorneys properly distribute the properties as instructed by the client.

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