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The Process Of Applying For Social Security Disability For Children

Responsible adults for a child with a disabling condition often find that the application process for Social Security is overwhelming. This overview will serve to help sort out the process.

How Children Are Affected by Their Handicap

As a way to show the nature and scope of disability, detailed information is required of disability applicants. The application asks about how your child’s everyday life is affected by their handicap. Input from others involved in your child’s life will be asked. This could include physicians, teachers, psychologists, and others. Having medical and educational records at hand is critical.

Put Information Together for Research

Once all of this information is put together, it will then be sent to determine the eligibility for disability. Research will be conducted and more records may be needed. A specially trained staff, including a doctor, completes all this. A designated Social Security selected physician, who will be compensated by Social Security, may require a physical exam.

The Social Security Disability Process

Expect the whole process to be lengthy, taking about three to five months. Some medical issues require immediate compensation for up to a six-month period, while a decision is being reached, these conditions include:

– Cerebral Palsy
– Complete Blindness
– Complete Deafness
– Down Syndrome
– HIV Infection
– Muscular Dystrophy
– Mental Retardation, Severe-ages 7 on up
– Low Birth Weight, which is less than 2 pounds, 10 ounces

If it is determined that your child is not qualified for Social Security disability, the money that has been received remains yours. Our Coachella Valley Social Security disability attorney can help with the Social Security application process.

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