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The Main Types and Signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to a study conducted, it was revealed that 40 percent of adults could hardly detect signs associated with STDs. Another research conducted by Mintel showed that at least 28 percent of youths aged below 25 years would not go for a check-up even after having sex that wasn’t protected. This is probably because most of them do not understand the severe effects associated with the diseases. STDs have been associated with causing cancer, infertility and other serious illness.

Below are the main types of STDs:


This is a virus that attacks and weakens the immune system of a human body. The immune system is the body’s natural defense that protects our body from illness. HIV gradually breaks the immune system making it in action. The virus has no actual cure, but there are pills taken daily to help suppress the virus.

Genital Herpes

This is another common sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by a virus caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). The virus causes cold sores. The early signs for Genital Herpes include small painful blisters and itchy sores. The infection has no cure, but can be suppressed with an anti-viral medication.


It is a feared STD and has been blamed for inducing madness. It comes from a bacterial infection that causes painless sores. The sores, however, are highly infectious.

One should be cautious while having unprotected sex. On the other hand, there are malicious people who may infect you with some of these STDs intentionally, for instance, an ex-lover. However, with a powerful legal representation from reputable firms such as our Palm Springs STD personal injury law firm, one can sue over transmission of STDs and be compensated successfully.

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