The Legalities Of Cases Involving Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most sexually transmitted diseases have serious consequences. Partners are often exposed due to lack of protection, and with no warning. Due to the implications, it may be possible to file a legal claim for damages. When an individual knowingly infects their partner with an STD, it is against the law. If they did not disclose they had an STD, they can be held legally accountable. SBEMP handles these types of claims. 

The Required Proof

Proving an individual liable in an STD case can be difficult, but SBEMP is familiar with these types of cases. Proving who infected the victim is important, although transmitting an STD does not automatically make the person liable. Liability can be proven if it is ascertained the individual was aware of their condition, participated in intercourse, and withheld the information from their partner. SBEMP commits themselves to client confidentiality, and providing compassionate counsel. 

STD Attorneys

A Palm Springs personal injury lawyer represents individuals whose life has been changed because an STD was transferred intentionally, or negligently. These lawyers understand these cases and will fight for your rights under the law. When it becomes necessary, these lawyers will go to court so you can revive the recovery you are entitled to. These services have no fees upfront, and if there is no settlement received, you do not owe any money to the law firm. For anyone who believes they have been infected with an STD through negligence, or intent, setting up a consultation with a lawyer is the recommended course of action.

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