The Importance Of A Disability Attorney For A Special Needs Child

 Financial Aid For Special Needs Children

Parenting is a challenge, but when the child has emotional, developmental, or physical disabilities, the difficulty level increases. Parents of children with special needs have to arrange special education, healthcare services, and pay the bills. Financial help is available with programs through the federal government. Your child may be eligible for benefits, including Supplemental Security Income Disability. This would entitle your child to receive a check each month until they turn 18.

Medical Coverage

The costs of medical care are high without private insurance. Your child may qualify for Medicaid, which significantly lowers or eliminates the costs you are responsible for. The applications are overwhelming and confusing, but there are attorneys who help parents obtain assistance.

Additional Resources

Resources for children with special needs are often provided by nonprofit organizations. Their services include recreational centers that help children with similar disabilities and day camps. These services offer relief and medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. Some charities do not charge for medical devices.

Assistance With Education

All public schools from kindergarten through high school must provide services for disabled children according to the federal government. This includes an Individualized Education Program to help your child succeed. Private schools are required to offer the same services. If a disability is causing your child to struggle, you have the right to take legal action, provided the services provided are inadequate.

Disability Attorneys

The laws dealing with special needs children are complex. Each case is different and specific information is imperative for your child. If you have a special needs child who is struggling, or have any questions, contact Valerie A. Powers Smith, our Palm Springs special needs lawyer, for a consultation.

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