The Direction of Growth for Local Government is Shaped with Legal Counsel

The general plan is responsible for the direction of growth in a counties unincorporated areas. This is an update reducing housing capacity by fifteen percent. This is a reflection of a counties commitment to an efficient growth model and respects the existing community and natural resources.

Advance Planning

Advance planning is one of the divisions of Planning & Development Services. They represent long term planning for unincorporated San Diego County. They maintain the current general plan and provide for growth in the future. The plan outlines the activities and actions needed to accomplish the policies and goals of the general plan. The zoning ordinance of the county is also maintained with regular revisions and updates regarding general welfare, safety and public health.

The Multiple Species Conservation Program

This program encompasses the unincorporated areas in the North County. This is a regional plan for conservation and handles the endangered species, permits for development projects and preserves the wildlife and native habitats in the county. Regulations are modernized and barriers are removed without sacrificing the quality of life, the environment or public safety.

SBEMP Law Firm Is Palm Springs’ Government Legal Counsel Experts

SBEMP manages local, state and federal mandates. This includes compiling records for the Public Record Act, providing training and support for appointed and elected members of sponsor groups and community planning, proposed development projects and analyzing pending legislation. These projects are time consuming, challenging, controversial and complex.

They have a large impact on stakeholders and residents. If you need more information regarding advance planning, contact Palm Springs government legal counsel. They will provide you with a consultation.

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