The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Attorney Over Using a Licensing Service to Start Your Corporation

Are you looking to incorporate your business? Branching out with your business can be a confusing process and a hassle. However, calling our Palm Springs corporate law firm can be the first step to getting started on incorporating your business successfully. Using an attorney to help you incorporate your business will give you a number of advantages, including:

  • Knowledge on corporate taxes
  • Expert advice on the smartest time to incorporate
  • Additional advantages such as tax breaks and employee benefits

Why Hire a Lawyer to Incorporate my Business?

Hiring one of our Palm Springs corporate attorneys means that you will be provided with insider information regarding regulations and laws in your state. Your lawyer will provide you with information regarding:

  • When to incorporate your business
  • Information on taxation
  • Whether you should choose S corporation status on taxes
  • How to file incorporation articles
  • Information on preparing bylaws and corporate records
  • How to issue stock
  • Information on incorporating a business that already exists

When you opt to use a lawyer to incorporate your business, you will be introduced to many advantages you may have not had before.

Some of these benefits will include:

Liability Advantages

When you incorporate your business, you will gain limited liability for debts. The owner will not be responsible for most of the debts against the business.

Tax Benefits

Incorporating your business means you can divide income with your corporation. This means income taxes will be lowered.

Capital Advantage

A corporation has more access to capital than a business. You will also have the option to increase capital through selling shares.

Employee Benefits

When you are an owner of a corporation, you will gain the ability to be treated as an employee of the business and receive employee perks. You will have access to a number of benefits, including:

  • Pension
  • Stock option and stock bonus
  • Medical coverage
  • Life insurance

You could go with a template service to incorporate, but find out later that you chose the wrong incorporation status, have more taxes to pay, or worse. Hiring one of our corporate lawyers takes the guesswork out of your to-do list for incorporation. Imagine the time freedom you will have as a busy entrepreneur if we handle the paperwork for you.

Contact Our Palm Springs Corporate Attorney for a Consultation

Contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation and find out how our experienced Palm Springs corporate attorneys can help you avoid mistakes when incorporating.

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