Are You Secretly Signing a Mediation or Arbitration Clause in Your Contracts? Know the Difference

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The Federal Government of the United States depends almost exclusively on the procurement of outside services for the purpose of developing the very infrastructure that allows the country to function as intended for the benefit of its citizens. These services are provided for almost every agency within the government, including DHS, the Military, the Department of Education and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Continue reading

There has been a change in the practice of law. This has come about because many are turning to mediation to assist with settlement negotiations for litigated cases. The court systems have recently required parties to mediate in order to alleviate the overburdened legal system. Continue reading

Avoiding Trial: Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Court proceedings leading to full-blown trials for civil disputes are expensive, time-consuming and, in many cases, leave one side the winner and the other the loser. With such a 50/50 chance, there are benefits to seeking middle ground for all involved. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs settle civil disputes through mediation and arbitration, and are being encouraged by legislatures and adopted by courts nationwide. Continue reading

In life, prevention is sometimes the best solution to a possible problem. Planning ahead and securing the necessary steps to ensure positive financial and legal standing is important in any situation. SBEMP is a Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Law Firm. If you are in need of a Coachella Valley litigation attorney or more specifically, a Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney, look no further than SBEMP. Continue reading

Lender Liability is a term used to describe the obligation a lender has to treat a borrower fairly. Borrowers often initiate a lender liability claim if they believe they have been damaged by a lender’s actions, or as a negotiating tactic to improve the chances of the lender accepting a reduced payoff. In almost all cases, a lender liability claim is used to weaken the negotiating position of the lender with the borrower. Borrowers that have financial trouble also use lender liability claims to counteract anticipated foreclosures or collections. Usually a borrower will base their lender liability claim on some perceived negligent action taken by the lender that harmed them or their business in some way. A breach of contract, not dealing in good faith, and a failure in fiduciary duties are also used. Continue reading

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