Social Media Issues for Politicians and Government Employees

Social media can cause a plethora of issues for law officials. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, it has also become a favorite tool for those who work in law. Even though there are a lot of advantages to social media, such as being able to keep in touch with friends, it can also have a very negative impact on users. This is why SBEMP’s Coachella Valley government legal counsel is sharing tips on how to use social media wisely when you’re a law maker.

Consider the ethical boundaries that are often blurry and easily over-stepped by law authorities. With only a few pieces of information, a person can gain access to a person’s private life. Citizens are starting to wonder if it is possible for law officials to use social media without prying into the lives of innocent people.

Technology has caused a lot of problems for politicians. In a recently published story, a woman who was running for a position in law, used a few social media sites to get more exposure. A team of advisors managed her campaign. The content they used on her pages was related to policy statements, events, personal appearances, videos and much more (which were all made available to the public). The woman was able to gain a stable following through one popular social media site and had thousands of “followers” and “friends.” The messages on this site were directed towards posting messages related to constitute polls. When the advisors started adding government officials, lobbyists and other key players to her “friend” list, issues about ethical boundaries came up in public. Is it possible for law officials to use social media the same way the public does?

One of the ethical issues that many law officials face is when their words or speech is twisted to fit a certain agenda. It is very easy for a person who may have a different point of view, to sabotage a person by writing lies, or by participating in harassment. A Coachella Valley public law attorney may be able to assist with helping lawmakers understand and manage social media to avoid these issues.

One of the goals of law officials is to expand the channels of communication for the public. This is why using a Coachella Valley government law firm is essential to keeping a clean reputation and social site management. It may be best for law officials to use the privacy features available on social marketing sites, but to keep conversations related to things personal, and having little to do with politics.

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