Social Media and Commercial Litigation

The use of social media has become a sounding board for various interests, information, and the expression of feelings. The latter can lead to another’s invasion of privacy, or harassment, when taking a hurtful situation too far. In a recent HG article, the topic of defamation of character, by using slanderous remarks, were discussed to be a gray area that relies on individual states to make a judgment.

Because there are so many different standards on rights and proof of injury, you should always call a Palm Springs commercial litigation attorney, like SBEMP.

Deliberate Actions

When you are the originator of the content, always make sure that the facts are accurate.

It is not a crime to write the truth, but keep your opinions in check. This is one of the first items that a Palm Springs commercial litigation lawyer will want to analyze.

  • Were you being deliberate in causing harm to another’s reputation?
  • Did your emotions cause irreparable harm to another?  

On the receiving end, proof from the victim has to be precise. Exactly how was your reputation tainted from one person’s posting? All states have different protocol in justifying a slander litigation lawsuit.

Personal Photos

Finding your personal photos on social media sites, without your permission, can also bring embarrassment or shame, but proving that there has been an invasion of privacy is something that only an experienced Palm Springs commercial litigation lawyer can advise upon.

Always keep your emotions controlled and consider another person’s character before releasing a harmful statement or experience. On the other hand, if you feel that you have been unjustly ridiculed in public, seek the advice of a Palm Springs commercial litigation attorney to begin to rectify the situation.

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