An Overview of Modern Banking Law

Financial institutions are under constant scrutiny. Not only do banks and other finance-related businesses have to deal with customer complaints, but also matters related to government regulation often arise and complicate the bank’s daily operations.

Changes and Revisions in Banking Law

Federal and state laws are prone to changes and revisions and this makes things even more difficult for businesses. In 2010, the passage of the “Dodd-Frank Law” revised old rules and regulations and instituted numerous new ones related to banking and finance.

Government oversight was also greatly expanded. Without the help of an experienced attorney whose services are consistently available, remaining in regulatory compliance is extremely difficult.

Advice and consent are not the only duties requested of attorneys. Effective counsel during litigation may prove to be necessary.

The Banking Act

Only recently, in the City of New York, banks were put into a very precarious position. The “2012 Responsible Banking Act” expanded regulation by the city of New York and the federal courts ultimately, deemed the law unconstitutional. This case illustrates why it is so important to have the right legal team on your side when defending against enforcement actions or other challenges.

The Complexity of Palm Springs Banking Law

Palm Springs banking law has its own local rules and complexities as well and businesses are expected to remain in total compliance with them. This is why a financial business should always seek help when dealing with matters related to devising loan terms, working with troubled borrowers, devising mergers and acquisitions, disseminating information, and properly navigating financial account management rules.

Contact Palm Springs Business Transaction Attorneys

For those seeking a Palm Springs business transaction attorney, SBEMP is the firm to contact. The attorneys and legal support teams associated with SBEMP have significant experience with a wide range of different banking, financial, and business-related legal areas.

Are you currently experiencing troubles related to banking law? Contact SBEMP right away to discuss the particulars of your situation.

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