Are You Set Up to Incorporate Your Business Correctly?

If you plan on growing your business, it’s important to get it incorporated so that it’s officially registered and can have taxes filed properly. To do that, you’ll need to file articles of incorporation, which will give the state the appropriate information on the company. California has their own laws on what you will need to complete the appropriate documents correctly, but generally the following items are what you’ll need.

Your Business Name and Registered Agent

Getting your company incorporated requires having a name usually not already taken, and in some cases, it will have the “Inc.” tacked on the end of it. You also need to explain what your business purpose is, which could be your mission statement, but in some cases the state may want more details. You also need to make sure you have your incorporator’s name listed and the registered agent assisting you with filing. That agent must have a physical address.

Governance And Financial Information

Typically, you will need to have company executives listed on the articles of incorporation, which include members of your board of directors and officers like the CEO and COO. You also need information on how many shares of stock you will be authorizing, what the anticipated market value of those shares will be, and whether you’ll be issuing both common and preferred shares. You don’t necessarily have to disclose the actual sale price of the shares.

Getting the articles of incorporation prepared should be done in the presence of an attorney to ensure you file correctly. If you’re ready to get your company incorporated in California, you should visit our Palm Springs corporate law firm as soon as possible.

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