Resolving Corporate Disputes Through Mediation

Understanding Mediation

Mediation is often seen as the best way to resolve conflict between two parties. When both parties decide they are willing to work through a concern in a peaceful process, they work together with a mediator to get the problem resolved.

Mediation can be used for several different types of legal troubles such as, disputes with contracts, personal affairs, and even fraud. Corporations often use mediation attorneys, such as Palm Springs mediation attorneys,to settle a dispute about money borrowed or owed to a certain party.

When to Choose Mediation

Mediation is a completely voluntary legal proceeding. There are a few states which require mediation for certain disputes but, generally neither party has to agree to mediation. Mediation is often used when the two parties involved in a legal conflict, want a quick and relatively inexpensive resolution.

Since mediation typically only takes a few days, larger companies often choose to terminate legal conflicts with the assistance of a mediator. Mediation saves the company time and the cost of a lawsuit.

What Occurs During Mediation

Mediation meetings are often conducted on the principle of compromise. While both parties may have to compromise during a mediation proceeding, the end result is usually satisfactory for both parties. In strictly monetary means, each party avoids the cost of a lawsuit.

If a party is displeased with the mediation proceedings, they may choose to end the process at any time. Mediations can vary depending on the state and the specifics of the dispute, contact our Palm Springs mediation attorneys to learn about your case.

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