Palm Springs Litigation Attorney Shares How to Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

California State Law has determined that cases regarding sexual harassment must have accurate and compelling factual evidence to back them up. This evidence must prove that the suspected party committed actions that were both perverted and intrusive. Furthermore, this evidence needs to prove that the actions of the offending party created a hostile work atmosphere. A hostile work environment does not just exist between the offending party and victim party. Witnessing sexual harassment as a third party person can also constitute a hostile work environment.

Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo is a form of sexual harassment. It is a situation where a manager abuses their position of power in order to exchange certain career advancements to workers in return for sexual favors. Supervisors will often barter bonuses, promotions and raises in these situations. However, a manager threatening to take certain punitive measures if a person fails to provide them with sexual favors also constitutes quid pro quo.

Preliminary Actions

Oftentimes, discomfort within the work environment arises from misunderstood situations that are not verbalized. If employees feel that they are being sexually harassed within the work place, then it is important that they verbally communicate their discomfort with the offending party first. This is an important step, because small incidents can often be blown out of proportion when phrases like “sexual harassment” become attached to them. Usually, a small situation that is blown out of proportion will cause even more discomfort within the work place.

Repeated Offenses

If a coworker or manager ignores your expression of discomfort, then the issue should be brought up to your employer. If the actions are not corrected, then that employer is solely responsible for the sexual harassment, and they should be reported immediately.

Reporting Harassment

Employees should make all attempts to keep the reporting process as internal with their organization as possible. They should speak with their supervisor or their human resources department if they want to report inappropriate actions within the work place. If the sexual harassment continues, then legal measures should be taken.

Hiring a Legal Attorney

A sexual harassment Palm Springs business litigation lawyer will help guide you through this process by outlining the process that you must undertake to cease the harassment in the workplace. A lawyer will help ensure that your employer corrects the offensive actions, and they possess the necessary skills to legally fight on your behalf if the employer fails to terminate the harassing actions. If you feel that you have been sexually harassed within the workplace, and have taken all necessary steps to cease this harassment, then call your local Palm Springs litigation attorney today and let them help your business return to the tranquil work environment it was.

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