Must an executor hire a lawyer?

Not necessarily. Executors can handle most estate situations even if the situation heads to probate court. Probate is essentially a paperwork-based process and not many disputes land in front of a judge. However, depending on the estate, a Palm Springs probate attorney may be a wise adviser for the situation.

How a Palm Springs Trust and Estates Law Firm Helps an Executor

Most estates can easily be processed due to the simplicity of the assets, such as a house or an insurance policy. But, when an estate entails a significant tax liability or there is an inheritor conflict, hiring a Palm Springs trust and estates law firm can be quite helpful. Lawyers can help the executor research specific legal codes for probate and review documents before they are filed. In this role, the Palm Springs probate attorney only acts as an adviser to the executor while the executor does all the work in the probate process.

Having a Probate Attorney Handle All of the Process

But, the executor can make the decision to allow the lawyer to handle the entire probate process. This can lift a huge burden off the executor’s shoulder. Probate is an investment of time and money, especially after the emotional toll of a death of a loved one.

But, by going with a Palm Springs trust and estates law firm to handle the whole probate process, the executor will be paying a larger legal fee to their lawyer for all their work. In fact, some state laws require a fixed percentage of the gross value of the estate given to a lawyer if the lawyer processes the probate.

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