Learn Your Rights If Unknowingly Exposed To A STD

When people cause damages to another party due to intentional, negligent, or reckless behaviors the injured parties may sue. This includes if there is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and someone knows they have this and passes it on to an unknowing partner.

What Constitutes Liability for an STD?

A person infected with an STD, without knowing, would have no liability issue if they have transmitted n STD to another person. They would not have acted with any intent to harm somebody else. If in doubt, however, it would be a good idea to consult with a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer.

If a person has sexual relations with an infected partner and is aware that their partner has an STD, then this may mean an acceptance of risk. Knowingly entering the risk, it makes for a more difficult case.

Costs to Having an STD

If, indeed, the person who contracted an STD chooses to, there are certain damages that they could collect. These damages include:

Costs for medical treatments from the date of exposure on to the future can be very high, especially for diseases such as AIDS. Pain and suffering, meaning any negative effects on the plaintiff’s life, quality of life, and limitations on sexual activities would be compensated. There may be a reduction in life expectancy. Current and future wages may be lost from the effects of the disease on the ability to work.

If you have an STD from a partner and you were not informed of this, then contact a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer.

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