Legal Rights When You Contract an STD

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease can be life altering. People can contract them from an infected partner without knowing. In this case, you are entitled to compensation if you contract an STD, and a person fails to inform you of their carrier status. Seeking out an informed personal injury attorney can inform you on how to receive justice.

Your Rights

It’s illegal if someone is carrying an STD and does not tell you before engaging in intercourse. In this case, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 are the two diseases that are litigated in court. Because of their life-long impact on the victim, they can seek compensation for, medical bills and fees, lost wages, distress, and pain and suffering.

Neither HIV nor HSV2 can be cured. These diseases will remain with the victim for life. HIV can deteriorate the immune system and develop into AIDS. Herpes involves the development of genital warts. Contracting either disease can cause damage to someone’s reputation due to stigma and impact future relationships.

STD Personal Injury Case

During this time, a person can contact a professional to learn what their next step is. Our Palm Springs personal injury legal counsel can provide legal guidance while maintaining your privacy. SBEMP’s personal injury lawyers are respectful and understanding and will guide through the process.

Due to the nature of HIV and HSV2, the court holds individual carriers responsible for informing their partners of their status. If you have contracted an STD from an untruthful partner, consider our experienced Palm Springs personal injury legal counsel so you can be properly compensated for your injury.

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