An STD – Can You Sue Someone For Giving It To You?

A person can sue someone else for infecting them with an STD. This is because they knowingly put someone else’s life in danger. Since they did so willingly, a lawsuit can be placed.

Any cases of this sort are hard to prove. A tort lawyer will specialize in this type of work

Proving Neglect

You will need to prove that the person you were with was negligent, and they did not tell you that they had an STD.

A Case Of Civil Battery May Be In Order

In this type of case, you can say that because of the other party’s neglect to inform you resulted in harm to you. You would have refused sex if you had known, and this will help to prove your case.

Damages That Can Be Filed For

There are several damages that you can sue for when you have been infected with an STD. They are the medical costs, time off of work, the change that you will have to make in your life, the suffering that you had to go through emotionally, the cost of medication, and in worst cases, a wrongful death.

Our Coachella Valley personal injury law firm specializes in these types of cases. It is a good idea to speak to a staff member in order to set up the process for a court case right away. The attorneys will be able to assist you in getting the rightful amount for your situation when you had been infected with an STD.

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