Issues in Real Estate Transactions That Lead to Litigation

Common commercial litigation issues include disputes in real estate. These often occur when there are questions regarding the ownership of a building, land, plants, or other assets of value. SBEMP assists businesses, individuals, and municipalities in the resolution of disputes around real estate transactions.

What are Real Estate Transactions and Issues

The issues involved in real estate disputes include the sale and purchase of real estate. These also include the transfer of property, Other issues can include zoning, land use, and development, as well as agreements for renting commercial space.

Real Estate Litigation Is Among The Most Complex Areas Of The Law

When disputes arise, and there is the desire to pursue litigation in real estate, it is vital to be represented by experienced legal counsel with experience and knowledge of the scope and relation of the issues.

Disputes typically involve construction laws, eminent domain, environmental compliance, land use restrictions, partition, regulations, and other matters. Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are a frequent part of real estate transactions.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing both private, public, or municipal interests in matters relating to preparation of documents and bidding, contract negotiation and formation, contract performance, claims and dispute resolution, issues around financing and warranty, land use, liens, products liability issues, and zoning issues,

Our Experienced Team Can Give You The Knowledge And Edge You Need In Regards To Real Estate

Our experience involves helping architects, buyers, contractors, developers, commercial and residential brokers of real estate, investors, land owners, landlords, tenants, and a large variety of other clients, we have extensive experience in the resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution and litigation arising out of activities concerning realty.

Recognizing that litigation can be a highly inefficient or in effective means of resolving business disputes, we encourage our clients to seek creative business resolutions, whether through mediation or less formal channels. With extensive knowledge of zoning and real estate law and a solid understanding of how judges are likely to rule, our litigation attorneys conduct an analysis to determine the likely outcomes of litigation to better counsel clients.

When settling the dispute is simply not an option, our team aggressively advocate for clients before all forums, from administrative agencies, arbitrations, city and county commissions and boards, state and federal courts, special masters, and mediations.

If you are concerned about a dispute over property or land development with another individual or entity, you need to seek legal counsel with working experience and an established record of success in these scenarios. Our practice is client-focused and can represent owners and companies before local, state, and federal courts across the complete spectrum of matters involving realty.

For an initial consultation to uncover if you need counsel or representation in regards to real estate, do not delay and contact SBEMP for inquiry into our Palm Springs commercial litigation.

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