Issues Businesses Face When Starting a Business on Tribal Land

A Palm Springs tribal attorney is going to help you with all matters that actually do not have to do with the normal US government. The bureau of Indian affairs may handle the issues, and you need a tribal attorney who is going to help you get service with contracts and government problems that are getting in your way.

Starting a Business on Indian Land

Indian tribes have been able to make gains by putting together gambling enterprises that are making money, but that does not mean that all these developments are easy to start. Starting a business on Indian land requires an extensive look at important concerns. The best way to get help is to go to a tribal attorney who is going to step in with all the expertise and experience that is needed.

Issues Businesses Face when Working with Tribes

One of the first things that need to be addressed before doing business on tribal lands is that the tribe has been allotted sovereign immunity. If they have a waiver that states the tribe is immune, lawsuits against the tribe may not be allowed. If the tribe is eligible to be taken to court, enforcing the judgment is another issue. Law may not allow the ways and means of enforcing the penalty if ruled against the tribe either. Due to these issues, doing business with a tribe is an opportunity and a risk. Contacting one of our tribal attorneys helps you weigh your options for an informed decision.

Move Forward with a Tribal Attorney

SBEMP’s attorneys are aware of what must be done when there are issues with the tribe. Yourbusiness can make an informed decision before choosing to do business with a tribe.If you are already involved in a legal situation, you can work with someone who can help. Our tribal attorneys work with the tribe or a business or individual. We make it easy to get through these problems with contracts, the government, and other pressing issues.

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