How to Organize Your Inheritance Property to Avoid Family Disputes

Probate court can be expensive, time-consuming and take the power to disperse family assets out of your hands. Estate Planning using a will & revocable living trust can ensure that your wishes are properly executed. Learn how our Palm Springs trust and estate law firm can help organize your inheritance property to avoid family disputes.

Draft a Will

All people should have a will. If you die without a will, you are called “intestate.” This means that a probate court judge will distribute your estate. Probate judges will ensure that your creditors are duly paid.

Can I Avoid Probate with a Will?

Probate court takes time and is expensive due to high court fees and attorney costs. Your heirs may not receive any payments from your assets for months or years.

Most states still require that probate court deal with estates even when a will is present. Family members have the right to “contest the will” to prove authenticity.

Family Disputes Are Emotionally and Financially Draining

A revocable living trust can be created with your Last Will & Testament to create an organized distribution of your assets upon your death. Property transferred to a living trust may be exempt from probate. You would authorize a trustee to distribute your assets.

You can’t take it with you.

You know your family. Try to prevent disputes by creating a revocable living trust. Contact Palm Springs trust and estate law firm to help you draft your will & revocable living trust.

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