How a Palm Springs Business Litigation Law Firm Can Help You Solve a Litigation Case to Get Your Business Back to Normal (and Sleep Better at Night)

A good Palm Springs litigation attorney will discuss business litigation information with clients early on in the case in an open and honest way. Any attorney who discourages a client from opting for a settlement, in my opinion, is not serving his client to the fullest.

The Value of Non-Monetary Relief

There are many instances where non-monetary relief is provided in the final settlement agreements of parties. While money is usually a driving force in reaching an agreement, the public may be shocked to learn how many cases involve various important non-monetary terms. Some settlement agreements may contain monetary and non-monetary relief while some may focus solely on non-monetary relief.

As an example, in a case where a plaintiff alleges wrongful termination, a letter of reference, either positive or neutral, can be a term that is important to have added to the agreement. In a case where a plaintiff is still employed, the settlement could include removing a disciplinary write-up from the personnel file. It is all based upon what is important to the employee so he or she can move forward.

A Return to Normal

In many instances, employers will find the most attractive settlement aspect is the ability to stop draining resources due to the litigation process. Litigation is a cost due to attorney fees as well as other expenses. There may be other critical expenses to contend with as well, which includes the time decision makers devote to the case and the distraction that it may cause throughout the place of business. Each hour spent in a disposition or discovery is an hour that could have been used to achieve objectives within the business.

I have never had a client at my Palm Springs business litigation law firm that didn’t breathe easier once a case was resolved and they came to the realization that they could go back to running the business as they had prior to the issue that started the litigation.

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