Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Attorneys Explain Construction Litigation Information

When disputes arise concerning construction agreements, injury or claims of negligence leading to wrongful death are covered under an area of law referred to as construction litigation. Construction litigation involves civil lawsuits between private parties. In these cases, the burden of proof and the rules surrounding these cases are different than those governing criminal cases.

Often, parties involved in construction projects have disagreements over when a project needs to be completed, the conditions people are asked to work under, and payment. There may also be different interpretations regarding loan agreements, claims of substandard materials, unreliable soil or structural analysis and less than professional architectural and construction practices. While some of these cases end up in criminal court, they are all covered under construction litigation.

General contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, builders, construction companies, workers, clients and members of the public often depend on the proper application of construction litigation to provide redress in instances where they feel they have been wronged. That area of law covers wrongful death, injury, defective materials, improper analysis, substandard engineering and more.

Whether people make claims of unsafe working conditions, negligence, toxic molds, or fraud, the resulting court case can be lengthy and expensive. To mitigate this, many construction contracts have clauses stipulating the use of mediation for resolving disputes. Arbitration is preferred over litigation because construction arbitrators know the construction industry’s technical aspects and can provide a balanced solution.

If you’re a home or business owner or anyone else who feels people involved in the construction industry have negatively impacted them contact an experienced Coachella Valley litigation attorney. Business owners should make sure that they choose a well-respected Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm. The right Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney can get you the remedy you deserve.

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