Changes To The Political Reform Act Lead To A Shifting Focus For Candidates, Political Groups, And Elected Officials

On January 1st 2017, the Political Reform Act came into existence as a piece of U.S. legislation and promises to make political campaigning and fund raising far more open and transparent for all to see. Campaign funding has always been a contentious issue for many U.S. citizens with the changes made to campaign funding options through the Political Reform Act including changes to the way campaign funds can be used by elected officials and those candidates convicted of specific crimes.

Accepting And Spending Campaign Funds

Under the legislation of the Political Reform Act those seeking office through a state or local election are allowed to accept and spend funding from individuals and organizations when they have created a dedicated fund for this purpose. The Act also makes clear those elected officials who have campaign funds available and are convicted of specific criminal offenses can only use campaign funds for a few purposes, including repaying debts associated with their political campaigning.

The Fair Political Practices Commission Takes On A More Prominent Role

The Franchise Tax Board was previously in control of the movement of funds from not for profit groups who were required to post details of their donations to a specified Website; reforms have moved these responsibilities to the office of the Fair Political Practices Commission. Overall, the Fair Political Practices Commission takes on a range of new responsibilities, including making sure the rules and regulations of local campaigning ordinances are followed by all groups and candidates. The Fair Political Practices Commission is also taking on responsibility for the development of new dedicated Online filing and disclosure practices for political groups.

Making an appointment to discuss the changes that are taking place in political campaigning with SBEMP’s Palm Springs Municipal law firm will make sure all aspects of political campaigning are completed in a fair and legal way at all times.

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