California State Regulatory Agencies Governing Licensed Professionals

The Federal Government and all 50 states have given certain governmental agencies the authority over professionals who are required to be licensed in order to legally conduct their businesses. This is the area of law known as administrative law. Each of these agencies not only outline regulations that must be followed, but they also enforce the rules and adjudicate disputes. If you are professionally licensed in the state of California, realize that this state has some of the harshest regulations that are rigidly enforced.

Purpose of Regulatory Agencies

Regulations serve a good purpose in that they help maintain “competitive markets, protect the public from unethical practices through enforcement and regulation, as well as empower the public through outreach and education.” Professionals subject to government regulation include accountants, barbers and cosmetologists, DMV salespersons, pharmacists and veterinarians.

But even the slightest infraction may cause California state agencies to revoke professional licenses, and many of these violations are not common knowledge. Many professionals don’t realize they are in violation of an agency rule until they suffer the consequences.

Types of Regulatory Agencies

Regulatory agencies in the state of California include:

  • State Bar of California, responsible for admitting as well as disciplining lawyers within the state.
  • Department of Insurance (DOI) monitors the financial health of insurance companies, performs audits, and ensures that customers receive fair treatment.
  • Department of Real Estate exists to safeguard and promote the public interests in real estate matters through licensure, regulation, education and enforcement. Contracts Licensing Board investigates public complaints against the construction industry in addition to handling licensing and overseeing construction industry regulations.
  • Division of Community Care Licensing (CCL) regulates such facilities as family day care centers, senior residential care facilities, and adult residential facilities and day programs. The CCL is the state’s largest regulatory agency, often revoking licenses of facilities over issues regarding capacity, inappropriate staff conduct, staff mistreatment of residents, failure to properly transfer individuals requiring higher care, and failure to properly administer prescription medications.
  • The Medical Board of Licensed Physicians, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners and other heathcare agencies maintain disciplinary guidelines and oversee consumer complaints.

When You Need Legal Assistance

Our Coachella Valley Public Law Attorney is an excellent resource to rely on should you receive a notice from any state regulatory agency. Having a Coachella Valley Public Law Attorney represent you in any type of alleged regulatory violation can help protect your rights and prevent the revocation of your professional license.

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