Are There Legal Ramifications for Transmitting an STD?

To many, the idea of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is unfathomable. However, the possibility of it happening is real. There is a chance that it can happen. To many, contracting sexually transmitted diseases is embarrassing. Therefore, many people are afraid to admit their status to people.

They are even afraid to admit their status to the ones they love. Yet, there are serious ramifications for not disclosing a sexually transmitted disease and transmitting it to someone else. Depending on the severity of the situation, it may result in civil and criminal prosecution. 

The Importance of Getting Tested

This is why it important to get tested. Several news outlets indicate that many people do not realize they have the Human Immunodeficiency Virus until they begin to exhibit AIDS-like symptoms. Because of this, many people affected by HIV develop AIDS. When the virus is discovered in the HIV phase, it can be prevented from becoming AIDS.

Regardless, there are criminal laws in place requiring people to disclose their status if, or when, they choose to be sexually intimate. By disclosing their status, it aids in preventing the virus from spreading. Whether we like it or not, STD transmission can be life threatening.

Legal Issues from Not Disclosing STD

By not disclosing your STD status, you are potentially putting other people’s lives in harm’s way. Not only is it irresponsible, it is wrong and you may end up serving jail time for doing so. It that person’s responsibility to protect the interest of others.

Those who are not in accordance with the law can expect to be punished to the full out extent. STD transmission crimes vary from misdemeanors to felonious offenses. Therefore, it is important to be safe. If safe sex was a car, “buckle up and drive safe.” Fortunately, there is hope in a case for victims and those accused when you contact our Palm Springs personal injury lawyer.

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