5 Ways to Settle Disputes Without Litigation

We find that people involved in a legal action assume that a day in court is the only way to resolve the matter. However, it is important to realize that there are other options available to save time and money. Included here are a few alternative methods that have been used successfully to settle a legal matter out of court.

Alternative Mediation Process

Mediation is an alternative remedy that is generally suggested by the court to settle a legal matter. An experienced mediator’s role in the legal matter is to help the two parties come together and resolve their issues in a friendly manner. It is important to note that a mediator does not have any legal power over the proceedings. Mediation is an alternative litigation process that saves both sides time and money.

Arbitrator Rulings

An arbitrator has more control over the legal proceedings and is able to issue orders that both parties follow. In fact, all arbitrators have a set of rules that they must strongly adhere to in the process of resolving a dispute between two parties. It is important to note that the arbitrator’s ruling is the final word on the matter.

Partial Stipulation Process

In matters where both parties are unable to completely agree, a partial stipulation might help to end the dispute. Each side will submit a list of suggestions and agreements that surround the dispute.

Retired Judges

This involves hiring a retired judge to settle a dispute between two parties. Typically, the judge acts as an arbitrator. However, their legal background and experience brings more to the table in the arbitration process. A judge for hire option moves the case along much quicker than a regular trial.

Business Contract Provisions

Business people that are involved in a legal dispute have contracted to settle disputes through arbitration instead of litigation. Often, mediation is also suggested before resorting to litigation.

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