A Look into the Municipal Law Updates of Western Cities

The following is a summary of the updated news for California cities, including Palm Springs in Coachella Valley.

Cell Transmitters for Every Nook and Corner

The Senate Bill 649 would add more transmitters to the cities and counties as the legislation makes it cheaper and easier for telecommunication companies to place it. It will improve service and give efficient services during natural disasters, such as wildfires.

Affordable Housing for Various Sections

There is a need for affordable housing across the California state from various sections of the society including baby boomers, homeless people, and struggle middle-class people. The reports are already confirmed that the Californian cities are not offering affordable housing, though many local codes including Palm Springs municipal law demanding it. It needs additional incentive programs and government legislation to ensure housing according to the requirements of each section.

Budget Transparency

Though California houses the best tech innovators in the world, the California state government and various county authorities are stuck somewhere in the past. The offices do not any modern tech tools to improve the efficiency and transparency and that leads least accountability for government programs.

Marijuana Legalized

Recreational marijuana became legal in some parts of state, and currently, it is available in NuLeaf Dispensary located in Incline Village, Tahoe area. Interestingly, the city official of Pomona conducted a meeting with its residents to discuss the “Use of Marijuana Act” in the wake of Proposition 64 by California voters that allows cultivation and use of marijuana by the residents.

Pensioners get a Big Hit

Due to more local governments plan to pull out from CalPERS, most of the retired employees of local administration and governmental agencies are getting some big hits in their pension income. Sadly, most of them receive a pension cut more than 60 percent, and suddenly, life is a question mark for many of them.

Due to the frequent changes of laws by state and local governments, it is always good to consult with a law firm to understand the benefits and implications of each legislature.

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