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    2018 SBEMP Awards



    Congratulations and thank you for participating on the Selection Committee for the SBEMP Business Awards.

    Please save the evening of October 10, 2018 to attend the Awards Ceremony and be honored for your contribution to this year’s Awards.

    The purpose of these awards is to recognize individuals who are making significant contributions to the Coachella Valley’s business community.

    The SBEMP Awards departs from other business awards programs in several significant ways:

    • Innovation and “out-of-the-box” thinking are paramount
    • Recipients should be individuals who have made recent and momentous contributions to the Coachella Valley business community
    • Emphasis is to be placed on the concept of “recent” as these awards should not be given for “lifetime achievement”
    • Candidates whose contributions are primarily philanthropic should not be considered
    • We’re particularly interested in recognizing individuals who would “fly under the radar” in other awards programs. Popularity and/or prominence in society should not be a factor in your decision-making
    • In evaluating candidates, particular scrutiny should be given to the relative merit of the contribution(s) and adverse consequences that would undermine the value of those contribution(s). These consequences might include creation of minimum wage jobs, “burst” (one time, quick staffing) employment, seasonal employment, significant adverse environmental impact, ethical issues and so on.

    The Awards

    • SBEMP Entrepreneurship Award

    This award honors the individual who has created a new business in the Coachella Valley that has experienced significant financial growth and quality job creation. This award is exclusively given to individuals working in for-profit enterprises.

    • SBEMP Leadership Award

    This award goes to the individual who has grown an existing business (2+ years) in the Coachella Valley that has resulted in significant financial and/or quality job creation. This award can also recognize an individual in a non-profit or government agency that has addressed a critical economic issue.

    • SBEMP Impact Award

    This award honors an advocate, educator, journalist, consultant or government official who has contributed in a significant way to an economic initiative which has positively affected the local business economy (without adverse unintended consequences).

    • SBEMP Environmental Award

    This award honors an individual who has implemented one or more innovative solutions in their business that protects or enhances the environment. (This is not intended as an award only for “green” industry businesses. Any business that innovates with environmentally friendly solutions can be considered here).

    The Nomination Process:

    • Each committee member should nominate a minimum of 1 candidate for each award by May 16, 2018.
    • Once the nominating period is over, judges will be provided with all nomination forms.
    • Judges will be able to meet nominees in person during the Nominee Reception in June.
    • Judges should equally weight the merit of each candidate presented, without being influenced by multiple nominations or their own nominations. The contribution with the greatest merit should be the leading factor, without regard to popularity.
    • Members will meet mid-summer to discuss the nominees in each category and to determine the winner of each award.

    Nomination Requirements & Considerations:

    • Recipients must be full-time Riverside County residents
    • Recipients must be engaged in business with an office in Riverside County.
    • Only individuals can receive and be named on the award. These awards are not for businesses or institutions.
    • There are no age restrictions for recipients. Awards can be given to minors.
    • Where the contribution is of social service nature, greater weight should be given to efforts that help people help themselves over those that are merely a maintenance solution.
    • It will be helpful to try to put dollar value on each contribution to assess its real value.
    • When considering a candidate involved with a “big box” enterprise, caution should be exercised to ensure their contribution is not merely the result of a corporate initiative.

    To nominate, visit here.

    2018 SBEMP Business Awards judges

    Adam Ochoa
    The Practice
    44651 Village Court
    Suite 125
    Palm Desert, CA 92260

    Kristi Hanson
    KHA Architects
    72-185 Painters Path, Ste. A
    Palm Desert, CA 92260

    Paige Skip
    78365 Highway 111
    PMB 508
    La Quinta, CA 92253

    Antun Barbato
    Family Development
    73081 Fred Waring Drive
    Palm Desert, CA 92260


    Stephanie Greene
    FG Creative
    74020 Alessandro, Suite E
    Palm Desert, CA 92260

    Marcie Madain
    Fresh Juice Bar
    73030 El Paseo #104
    Palm Desert, CA 92260


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