Settlements Require That Parties Be Ready To Agree

In litigation, there are two parties that are trying to reach a settlement. In order for the case to be brought to court, both parties must be ready to do so. They need to have counsel that will represent them and ask for what they want.

Negotiation and Compromise in Litigation

Most times, both parties will have to negotiate and compromise. Rarely is there a case that just goes through without negotiating and compromising because all the details need to be discussed and ironed out completely.

Calling In a Mediator

In some cases, a mediator may need to be called in to move the case forward to a settlement. This is if the parties cannot seem to agree on the settlement offer and acceptance. The mediator represents neither side, but remains in the middle, and treats the case as fair as possible in order to reach a settlement.

When counsels use a mediator, there can be problems that crop up depending on whether or not their clients understand that settlements need to be reached with negotiation and compromise. If the clients understand this, the mediator can proceed to end the case with an offer and an acceptance.

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