How a Company’s Special Information Can Qualify for Trade Secret Protection

You can obtain a trademark for the proprietary information pertaining to your business if the information is economically valuable to you and is not common information that your competitors can easily acquire, such as the words in recipes or listings from telephone books and directories. You can learn if you qualify for a trademark.

What Factors Determine the Classified Information of Trade Secrets

Factors that determine whether your information can be classified as trade secrets include:

1) How well the information is known beyond your company

 2) How well the information is known by others at your company

 3) How many measures have been taken to protect the secrecy of your information

 4) How much your competitors value your information

 5) How much time or money you have to spend to develop the information

 6) The amount of difficulty it would take for others to get the information. 

Besides taking security measures to prevent competitors from getting the information they want to protect, businesses should make formal agreements with staff members and partners to keep the information secret. These measures must be pertinent to the information that must be kept secret.

Protect Your Company’s Secrets with Our Coachella Valley Corporate Attorneys

Although companies should take steps to maintain confidentiality, they do not have to keep their information entirely private. Know that you have learned some of the factors that determine whether you can get trade protection for your secret information. Protect your company secrets today. To get started, hire one of our Coachella Valley corporate attorneys